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But how can you tell which ones are real

snapshot bag fake Do you love a great bargain? Do you feel good about getting something for little cost? Snapshot bags are a great way to kick off a shopping spree.​ With their bright, eye-catching designs they stand out on the shelves and attract many bargain hunters.​

and which ones are fakes? Here are a few tips to help you spot the fakes.​ Firstly, take a good look at the construction.​ If the stitching and material are cheap, the chances are it’s a fake.​ Secondly, check the branding.​ Snapshot bags licensed pieces will have the logo clearly printed or embossed onto the material.​ Any mistranslated or missing words could be a sign the bag is fake.​

Thirdly, take a close look at the tag.​ If it looks like it has been hastily sewn onto the bag then this is a bad sign.​ Fourthly, inspect the zippers.​ Poor quality zippers are a tell-tale sign of a fake.​ Poor stitching is often a sign of low quality manufacturing.​ Fifthly, pay attention to the type of material used.​ Many fakes are made from cheaper fabric which may have a different feel to the genuine product.​

Lastly, be wary of unrealistically low prices.​ If the price is too good to be true then it usually is.​ In order to find a genuine article, it pays to shop around and visit a few different stores.​ Genuine snapshot bags are still showcased in stores, often in the ‘bargain and discounts’ sections.​

What about counterfeit online websites? Unfortunately, there are many websites which advertise ‘genui[……]

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